Virtual Interviews Services

Virtual on-demand interviews allow you to gain better insight on more candidates in less time. Speed up recruiting by as much as 72% and save money on screening costs while allowing candidates to put their best foot forward and have a positive experience.

Our small team has over 20 years of talent sourcing and recruiting experience working with leading development organizations. We are committed to delivering the best value in the industry by focusing on your bottom line. We make it possible for every company regardless of size to utilize the latest HR technologies and find the best candidates for their openings by providing basic features. We keep overhead low by not including additional features that may not add any extra benefit.

Ideal for all position levels – from entry level to C-suite

Convenient for the entire team – view at your convenience

Better collaboration – share the interviews with team members

Hiring consistency and compliance – all candidates are asked the same questions

Accelerate time to hire – screen more candidates faster, resulting in quicker hires

Better candidate experience – candidates have the flexibility to take it at their convenience, allowing them to show up as their best

Identify soft skills as well as experience and qualifications –see things you wouldn’t normally see with just a resume or a phone screening such as verbal communication and body language

1. Create your interview – choose the questions you want to ask

2. Send the interview invitations to the candidates via the VSourced platform

3. Review and share the completed interviews

Our platform is meant for companies of all sizes, from fresh start-ups to large enterprises. Whether you need to fill one position and slowly scale up, or have an extremely high volume of positions, we are happy to support you.

We think so, and most hiring and recruitment teams agree. While both phone interviews and one-way virtual interviews provide you with insight into a candidate’s ability to do the job, virtual interviews give you a more complete picture of the candidate. Virtual interviews allow you to assess communication and soft skills on a deeper level, identifying things such as facial expressions and body language that can tell a lot about a person. Virtual interviews can also save a significant amount of time. Coordinating phone interviews can be very difficult and time-consuming for the candidates and the recruiting or hiring teams, which can result in having positions open for a long time. We tend to see the majority of candidates completing virtual interviews in the evenings, early mornings before work and on weekends, which means that most of the time they are able to complete them sooner than a phone interview could be scheduled. Virtual interviews also allow you to share them with team members who can provide their unbiased feedback which means you get more input and reduce your risk of hiring.


$50 / mo

  • 5 jobs at a time
  • 5 users included
  • No support for extra users
  • Email support


$100 / mo

  • 10 jobs at a time
  • 10 users included
  • $2/mo per extra user
  • Priority email support


$300 / mo

  • No limit on jobs
  • 20 users included
  • $2/mo per extra user
  • Phone and email support